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#12 – Powder Horn Jack
2 blade jacks, big clip and pen blade
Goldenroot Jigged Bone
Blue Looking Glass Abalone


#12 – 2 Blade Jacks, Northfield
Green Jigged Bone
Burnt Stag
Primitive Bone

#62 – 2 Blade – Easy Pocket Congress
Wharncliffe and Coping
Gold Glitter Acrylic
Green Jigged Bone
Tomato Acrylic
Smooth Ram’s Horn

Various Perylic
Snake Wood
Antique Amber Jigged Bone
Burnt Stag
Primitive Bone
Genuine Stag

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I have an Autumn Leaf jigged bone #35 Beer & Sausage , Ebony-wood #35 second choice pre-order with Blue Creek Cutlery. I am real excited about a #74 Mustang run coming up after the #35s.  

I have a Beer & Sausage #35 ebony-wood , H23316 Cougar clawed sabre clip fixed blade knife , and a OKCA members hat coming in very soon.  My Maher & Grosh #35 appaloosa and wavy antique yellow jigged bone knives are coming in soon.  I have two B&S #35 Autumn Leaf jigged bone knives on pre-order.   The GEC#74 Mustang  schedule was posted today.   Tidioute Brown burlap micarta , jigged bone (no color or shields) announced yet ----  Northfield Sambar Stag and Arizona Iron Wood    ----   Yall better contact JSR Sports & More , Blue Creek Cutlery , or TSA knives and ask them to pre-order a GEC #74 knife or two.  

I am really Stoked about the GEC#74 run coming up soon.  I am hoping and believing for a Saddle Trapper run after the #74 Mustang run.   "The Things to Ponder ?" CLUE  I have a pre-ordered Arizona Ironwood #74.   GEC is making 200 of each choice on the #74 Mustang run.  I see a saddle and no rider on this horse !!!!!    Why would GEC choose this picture ?????

Dave Taylor said:

Well Jan, as tempting as several of these are I have to say I am pretty excited about the new pattern #65 coming up in the not too distant future, and I'm kind of "saving up" until I see what that one is going to be. 

 The #65 is promised to be a knife that Ben Hogan, "Wickedest Man in the World", might carry.  Let your imagination run wild........along with our "friends" Ben and French Kate.  Who knows what's in store?

Not to say I won't be treating myself to two or three of the new patterns listed here. 

Pretty impressive way to begin 2011!

My Kingwood #19 Little Rattle invoice came in today.     And my AAPK club knife #74 Mustang was shipped out this week.  

I received my Kingwood GEC#19 Little Rattler today.    This #19 pattern was made just for one arm me.  The pull is about a 5+ and I do not have to use my feet to open this knife.  I am very excited about the GEC#19 pattern.  I received two GEC blue hats too.   I also spotted Black Teal Natural  bone GEC#19 knives.  

Well it looks like I will be getting a Black teal bone GEC#19 Little Rattler knife and the #19 Sambar Stag .  I hope I get some phat stag too , so I can hold the knife between my knees better.   I love this #19 run  , but the #47 Viper  run is a better choice for me.   


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