First of all let me say thank you for adding me to the group. I am fairly new to knife collecting, so please bear with me. 

Here is an old girl I haven't been able to find any info on this one what-so-ever. Has anyone seen this or can let me in on some info about it? It's a Sheffield, Canada Confederation 1867-1967 . Any help would be great!


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Mike, a little info--Richards  was founded in 1934 by the Richards Brothers of Solingen, Germany at 55 Moore Street, Sheffield, England- They operated it until they sold it to Imperial Knife Company in 1977- Imperial ran it til 1982, when they sold it to Western knives. Richards specialized in shell-handled knives and their tang stamp was the lamp post, as shown in your pic.

Your knife celebrates the 100th Anniversary, of the coming together of the British colonies to form a confederation on July 1, 1867.The colonies were made into 4 provinces--Ontario, Quebec,Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. The other provinces and territories joined later. An occurence of major Canadian history and of great significance to  Canadians--A great find and very collectible, especially to our Canadian friends---

Thank you! I would like to try to get this girl to one of the Canadian friends if I can. It belongs there with the ones who appreciate it's significants. I love all the learning I am getting already!!

Dunno if it would appreciate the cold up here, Mike...LOL. John got you some info on the company, I found you a rough cost...now you know enough about it to be dangerous! You're fitting right in...

Merry Christmas from us Canadian Friends!

A tid bit more information on Richards Sheffield and a little "eye candy" for those willing to look. haha

When in Germany, they spelled there name with a "z" (Ritchardz). There knives were of decent quality - solid construction.

There knives were stamped with a logo of a "whale" on the front of the tang and Richardz stamped on the back. They left Germany pre WWII and moved to Sheffield then re-spelled there name using a "s". Logics tells me this move and name spelling change was done in foresight of what was to come as Germans were were advancing with there aggressions.


The company, now in England, started producing the "shell handle" knives as well as a line of gent's knives and souviners

such as your knife, Mike. It seems most of the souviners were exported to Canada. The most common ones are the R.C.M.P (Royal Canadain Mounted  Police) with an image of a mounted officer printed on them.

I haver NEVER seen one like yours before, Mike!!!


Below are some counter display cards that a friend in the UK sent to me. All the cards were empty when I got them. It was the thrill of the chase in filling them with the knives... The Sheriff card is NOS.



Mike, just a little more info-- Can't tell if it is due to the age of your knife or just an unusual variation, but the other examples of this knife I  can find look like this, with a pronounced blue color in the handle-- Just saying---

Wow! Thank you all doesn't describe what I want to say, but the knowledge share here is great! I am soaking all of this in the best I can.

Those are some impressive displays to say the least Joe! 

And John, I would have to say it must be a variation of some sort, but age does do funny things sometimes, and this one being in not the greatest over shape, but the coloring looks to be different instead of just discoloration, I am such an amateur that I can't say for sure. 

Thank you all so much guys. I am so glad I found IKC, just wish I found it sooner. 


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