Hey everyone,

Show me your newest tactical knife purchase! Did you finally give in and buy that knife you just had to have?

What is your latest purchases? I am interested to see what you guys are into.



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Hi everyone, I just today got a new knife for the collection. It is a Griptilian. It is the one with the satin finnished modified sheep's foot (not elephant toenail... sorry Scott I couldn't resist *Grin*) blade with black handle. I have to say that I am really loving this knife. I think I'll EDC it for awhile. Also, the best part is it is right/left interchangeable!

(link below)
Just ordered a SOG Trident today, been thinking of getting one for awhile. I bought the TiNi model in all black. Saw a couple of good videos on it on Youtube, and decided to take the plunge. I already own the Pentagon Elites I & II, and really like them. Thanks to Cutlerylover and Nutnfancy for convincing me of the Tridents "coolness"!
I've been really thinking of getting a Pentagon Elite II.
Got a Black Spyderco Paramilitary today. Love it already!
Got that SOG Trident, and I love it....Very lightweight, and business like. Great lanyard hole for 550 cord, and very speedy on opening; no doubt will ride many miles with me! Been getting into the habit of applying "grip tape" to tacticals, and stuck some on the Tridents spine. Extra traction never hurts!
You'll like the P.E. II, if you want a strong defensive knife. It's steel lined, unlike the P.E.I, so it's stronger, but also heavier. It's my first choice (folder) if I have to go somewhere "seedy". Rides well in the pocket, but check the tension on the clip, before you head out on 2-wheels.......Would be a heart-breaker to lose!
Sounds good and I don't mind the weight so much. I've been EDC 'ing a Lone Wolf Tactical Ranger Folder (sheesh thats a mouthful) for a few months now. W hat I do is collect those cheap cell phone lanyards and put them on my knives. Then I just make sure to clip them on to the "C" clip on my beltloop before I get on the bike. I use the cheap ones so I'm able to just jerk and pop them right off if I need the knife instantly and don't have the time to unclip it.
Hey everyone I just made 2 new tactical knife purchases. They are both knives out of the Tarani knive series by 5.11 company. The 1st is the spearpoint 3.5' blade with s30v steel (and the thing's a freeking tank) and the other is the 3.4" spear point with 154cm steel. These knives are in a word AWESOME. I am totally loving them. They fit well in the hand, the jemping is very fuctional, both come hair-poping sharp and I like both types of steel. The s30v was about $120 and the 154cm was about $80 and I would say that both are well worth the price. The only ding I would give the s30v is that it's action and lock are very tight and I have tried to loosen it up but can't. It's not a huge ding because I can still open it one handed but the linner lock is a little uncomfortable to close one handed and the speed of deployment is a little slow. Here is where they can be found online:
I got one last week and you were totally right. I like it alot and it rides in my back pocket comfortably. It is a great selfdefence blade. The only thing I had to do is take 800 grit sand paper and sand down the ruff edges to the open slots in the handle. They dug in to the hand at an odd angle. Other then that I'm totally digging the knife.
I got intrigued with Striders cause of the look. Got me two today. My first. I loaded the pics over in another post here in TCC so won't post them again. Here's the link.
Those are beautiful! I especially like the top one. OK I just had a twisted idea. You should contact Strider and see if they would make a "Tactical Toenail".
Just as a heads up I still like the smaller blade with 154cm but I've had major problems with the more pricer one with s30v. First off though it will take a hair-poping edge (after alot of work on that tough steel) the razor edge will NOT last very long. It will hold a servicable edge for a goodly amout of time (about a week of daily use) but I't will only hold the razor edge for about a day. I don't know if this is a defect with the temper but I would think s30v should be a little better then that.

Also, that would not be a complete deal breaker but.....It is VERY VERY stiff to open. I have coated it with about 5 different oils and lubs. I have even taken it apart and polished the blade, spacers, and piviot point. It helped a little but it is still a beast to open one handedly. That is a major disapointment on a cost of a $130 dollar knife.

So there you have it. the smaller, lighter, and cheaper version is still a good knife but the larger one might make a good folding lockblade camping knife (because it still locks up like a tank and is very rugged) but I would not recommend the 511 tacital knife in s30v for e.d.c or tactial purposes.


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