Billy Oneale


Arapaho, OK

United States

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How did you hear about iKnifeCollector?
Do you currently subscribe to any knife publication (offline)
How long have you collected knives?
16- 20 years
Favorite Kind of Knives
almost anything with a blade.Especially made in USA. I like collecting Remington bullet knives, Case knives. Queen knives, Great Eastern knives. I do have a lot of imports like Steel Warrior, Rough Rider,Schrade, Mossberg and some others. Trappers and Sunfish are some of my favorite patterns. I basically like them all and buy whatever looks good to me at the time, or if it's a good buy. I also like fixed blades and tacticals.
About Me
Married to a wonderful wife named Debra with 3 kids and 9 grandkids. My wife collects lady leg frames. We are trying to raise 3 grandkids.
Knives, camping,boating,work and did I say knives.
Other Hobbies
Collecting music and gardening and messing with the grandkids.

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  • Mark Gibbs

    Thanks for the welcome to IKC.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the welcome!
  • Don Close

    Thanks Billy for the welcome
  • Lawrence Hanus

    Thanks Billy,
    I didn't expect such an active welcome. I think I joined the right group!
  • Adron Wilson

    Thanks Billy, looking forward to doing some exploring on these pages.

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    Charles Sample

    Happy Birthday Billy!

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    Hi Mr O - thank you for your kind message of welcome.

    Best wishes,

    John (Aebelskiver)

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    thank you Sir!

  • Lewis E.Ward

    Thank you.

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  • Bill Withers

    Thanks so much Billy. Great name! 

  • KnifeMaker


    Thanks Billy! have a nice day ;)

  • Rudolf Waurich

    Thank you, Billy!


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  • DB

    Thank you. I look forward to learning a lot from all the expertise on this forum.

  • John Howard

    Thanks Billy!

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  • Old Guy

    Thank you for the welcome. Looking forward to being around.

  • Adrian

    Thank you billy.very much appreciated.
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    Thank you Billy !


    Thank you !!

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    Thanks Billy!

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    thanks for the warm welcome!

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    Thanks Billy

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    Thanks for the welcome Billy. It’s  a pleasure to be welcomed into the group.

  • Ted Hassler

    Thank you Billy!


  • Lowell Houg

    Thanks for the welcome.
  • Matt Miller

    Thank you, Billy

  • Michael Coxe

    Thanks Billy for the Welcome !  Very nice to be part of such a Great group of people !  I am checking everything out and very much like what I see !!  Look forward to sharing a discussion and learning a few things !

  • Stephanie Parker

    Thank you for the welcome

  • KnifeMaker


    come across any hammered blade bowies?

  • Robert Wells

    Thank you sir. 

  • mark klein

    Thanks for your warm welcome....looking forward to participating in your group

  • Glenn Bright

    Thanks for the welcome, Billy! It's great to find a place with so many friendly and knowledgeable people who share my interest in and love for knives. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

  • Leo Lantz

    Thanks,Billy it is great to  be back

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    Thank you! :)

  • Ron Stanphill

    Appreciate the welcome!

  • bob lordi

    Thanks. New member here, and looking to expand my knowledge regarding knives and to  have a little change of pace from the other sites that I've seen on the internet.  

  • Bill napier

    I joined to see if I could get some help identifying some Camillus knives  that I am responsible for an estate. who would I contact.  Bill

  • Billy Mark Lannom

    Thank You!

  • Wrangler

     Thank you I'm glad to see a nice Welcome Wagon here.

  • Richard C Davenport

    Thank you sir.

  • Michael Scott

    Thanks for the welcome here. I will be exploring to get the lay of the land. 

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    Andy Copas

    Thank you Billy!

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