Boston, MA

United States

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3- 5 years
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Italian Stiletto
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I am an active member of Talkblade and Sharperdeals Knife forums.
Knife collecting, I collect new and vintage Italian switchblade knives, classic rock, out door activities, reading and my most favorite thing to do above anything else is spending time with my wonderful loving wife, my darling daughter and super son

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  • Clay Strong

    Thanks for the friend, John. I spend a lot of time reviewing knife related websites to find links for my website, so I read a lot of great info provided by the internet. Of course, I subscribe to some pubs too. I have a substantial collection of documents about knife making and knife history. My knife collection has been for the most part eclectic. I still buy the occasional "gotta have it", but I'm getting better.

    Now that I have more knives than I can use, or possibly justify, I try to concentrate on a scandi collection. To answer your question about  searching for gold, I have found dust. But, no prospector will admit how much. lol  My claims are in Idaho. I work them and camp there about half the year. It gives me a home base for roaming the mountains working other areas. My claims have been producing since the 1860's and the creeks and rivers through them are pristine. So, if I never strike it rich, I will still enjoy the hunt. 

  • Clay Strong

    John, I appreciate your interest. It's one thing to have a lot of info on a subject and another to "legally" share it. With that in mind, I will share what I can as time allows. Too many websites to work on and not enough time.

  • Clay Strong

    John, I wish more Italian style stiletto bush-buttons had pocket clips. Any suggestions for sources? I have a few autos (flippers and thumb studs) with clips. But, I haven't found a legal length, Italian style push-button stiletto, with a pocket clip, for my wife to more readily deploy, if needed. I've considered purchasing an aftermarket clip to add on. 

    You know, being able to conceal carry is fine if you can cover the knife. But otherwise, a blade is not always so quick to get in hand as one that is right there on a pocket clip.