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3- 5 years
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Italian Stiletto
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I am an active member of Talkblade and Sharperdeals Knife forums.
Knife collecting, I collect new and vintage Italian switchblade knives, classic rock, out door activities, reading and my most favorite thing to do above anything else is spending time with my wonderful loving wife, my darling daughter and super son

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  • Gerald Hines

    Welcome to iKnife
  • Billy Oneale

    Welcome to iKC. I like your pics of the switchblades. I don't have any myself, although I do have a few stilettos.
  • J.J. Smith III

  • J.J. Smith III

    Actually I usually wear a ball cap.  Like to give folks a special welcome, when they join up.  Don't have a stiletto welcome pic so I thought that the hat rack looked good.  Glad you liked it.
  • J.J. Smith III


    Thanks for the positive comments, really appreciate it.

    Assuming that the #44 is this --

    the entire knife was carved our of a piece of "Sticky Pine"  (Heart Pine, fat lighter, etc.)

    I'll have to look in to carving a stiletto...

  • J.J. Smith III

    Ok then. 

    That's one that I had handled by Jeff Saylor(Captain Jeff)  The CJS is his logo.  He's doing some nice handmades now.

  • Howard P Reynolds

    Thank you for the welcome, John.  I am on a friend's computer as I am off on a target shooting trip tomorrow.   Taking along my new Blackbird SK-5.  Will check your photos when I get back.
  • Howard P Reynolds

    Thanks for the friend offer.  Glad to be here although I don't know yet where "here" is.  But, its knives so I'm likin it.
  • Lynn M Hall

    Thanks for the invite John. I'm a bit late responding as I was getting under way departing Houston when I received your offer. In Port Everglades discharging cargo and will be returning to Texas and crewing off this vessel. After I get settled on my tiny Island I'll post some photos and we can "talk story". Happy Hunting! (collecting). Lynn

  • KnifeMaker

    Tim "Chops" Lambkin

    Thanx John! glad to be on board! Thanx for nice words on my work!  You know making and collecting knives is more than an obsession it's a full blown addiction!! LOL! 

  • KnifeMaker

    Tim "Chops" Lambkin

    Hey John I'm currently not doing any automatics but plan to in the near future i'm wanting to do a double action I love the old Frank B.'s and the German hubertus but i'm really taken back by double action knives! I subscribe to Blade and have a few hundred makers as friends on fb.  Also love the exchange of info at shows. Most of my knives have a western flair to em and I'm a huge fan of lockback drop points which is what I build the most of. I still build mine by hand - no flow jet or lazer or even CNC here, I cut every part out by hand and really enjoy that challenge!Thanx, Chops

  • Sean Yates

    Thank you 

    and Good Morning 


  • Algie Pirrello

  • Algie Pirrello

    For getting the last Olive out of the jar. A Dago boys best friend! And the knife I love the most. I got it because it reminded me of my childhood. Sorry this did not post with picture. I am trying!!!
  • Ron Beggs

    I have taken a couple of photos of my two Blades for you to look at. the first is the big Blade its a Talon from Italy and the second is a Puma from Germany unfortunately in Australia we can't own a Stiletto unless it has been made to open manualy so its decommissioned its a heartahce to bugger up a great action like the Stiletto cheers Ron    

  • KnifeMaker

    J. Mutz Knives

    Wow. You've got some real beauties there.

  • KnifeMaker

    J. Mutz Knives

    Hi John. Thanks for all the kind words. Please post those pics of your work. I know I among many others would love to see them. If you post them please shoot me a message so I can be sure to look for them. Jeff

  • Richard Swoboda

    My Dad always said we were German. But that was when Germany was huge(end of 19th century. But I met a Svoboda at a photographers conference once. He told me there are as many Swobodas in the Prague phone book as there are Smiths in US. Kinda deflating!!
    Dick S
  • john6553

    Hi Richard,
    It's a common name because you have a really really big extended family. :)
  • Ron Cooper

    Congratulations on having a photo of your beautiful Double Stiletto featured! I hope everyone who sees it will take the time to look at all of the pictures you have posted of this knife, as well as read the very detailed description of this amazing knife. And, it truly is amazing! 

  • Barry McDonald

    Took a look at some of your pics. Noticed you're a fan of Frank B. my new-purchased stilettos are all from Frank. Took some pics with iPad, but am not familiar enough with the forum to figure out how to post them. When I get time, I'll try to figure it out. I thought I saw one widow that had an "add file" button. But this one doesn't??? I'll go explore a little. I've got a couple Of Frank's limited edition pick locks from 2002 and a blonde horn Walt's Flatguard picklock I'd like to show you.
  • Paul Krings

    Hello John
    Thanks for the kind words and yes you can never have too many friends. I have several other pictures to post I the near future of knives and boxes.
    I travel for a living, so when time allows I hit shops and flea markets for a treasure. Anyway, happy collecting.