Jan Carter

Hiawassee, GA

United States

Profile Information:

How did you hear about iKnifeCollector?
From a dear friend
Do you currently subscribe to any knife publication (offline)
How long have you collected knives?
56 to 60 years
Favorite Kind of Knives
Queen, Case Classic, GEC, Custom...heck I like 'em all
About Me
My Husband Donnie and I live in Hiawassee GA. I was Blessed to have found iKC and became the owner in October of 2012. I believe all knife collectors are created equal, no matter what type they collect. iKC brings a different direction to knife collecting in my opinion, you may not personally like something or have an issue with a particular company. But respect is a substantial aspect of what we are about. I have a strong faith and believe everyone is entitled to theirs.
History, fishing, Diving, knife collecting and about a billion other things LOL. My main interest these days is iKC and bringing the future generations into knife collecting.
Other Hobbies
there are other hobbies? OK, I found one! Watching my husband learn to build knives

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  • Lee Beene

    Thank you

  • Bertuz

    Thanx for accepting me.
  • John L. Luzietti

    Thanks Jan:  I will probably not be too active.  It looked like an interesting site so I joined.

  • Ralph Nelson

    Thank you! Stay safe!

  • M Neil

    Thanks for the very nice welcome. I am actually looking for information on Samuel Bell, who is a direct ancestor of mine. Mark sounded like he has lots of info. I have a few pieces of silver made by his son in San Antonio (my great-grandfather), but it was my mom who sold a lot of letters and silver in the 1990s, some thing that breaks my heart.

  • J.J. Smith III

  • Featured

    Jeremy B. Buchanan

    Thank you for the birthday wish Jan! 

  • Randy Perkins

    Thanks Jan!! Hope to see y'all at rep weekend this year.

  • Wayne

    Thanks for the advice I have tried to reach out to roger just waiting to here back 

  • Arcadio Lux

    Thank you!

  • Dan Fitzgerald

    Thank you Jan!! Everything is great, My Building will be done soon and I'll finally be able to get back into my hobbies. Miss everyone here. Just my time at the moment is very limited for my groups. Love y'all.

  • Featured

    Charles Sample

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Jan.

  • Jim Thompson

    Thanks Jan for the "Happy Birthday". This was #80 and all went well.

  • Frank Stennett

    Are we live for Randall

  • elbin bunnell sr

    thank you so much

  • Kerry Marchman

    Thanks so much for the welcome, Jan..

  • Joel Davis

    Thank you Jan for the welcome greeting!

  • John Kellogg

    Thanks for the Birthday wish Jan & Don!

  • Erik Edwards

    Your very welcome and Thank you for allowing me to be a part of iKnife collector. 

  • Bob Hardy


    And thank you for the warm welcome I will be looking aroud here to see what it is about 



  • Brian Schmidek

    Thanks Jan. I'm looking forward to exploring the website.

  • Gregory Sekela

    Thank you, I look forward to learning more from everyone.

  • KnifeMaker

    Carl Rechsteiner

    Thanks for the well wishes Jan. Really hate that I couldn't make Trackrock this fall. My first miss since I started the event way back when. Life just gets too full sometimes. Miss seeing you and Donnie.

  • Gregory Sekela

    Thank you Jan, I look forward to learning more about one of my bad habits.

  • Lino A Pena

    I was laid off cuz it's covid-19 and I just want to get my kids Christmas gift this year

  • J.J. Smith III

    Wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy Birthday, Jan.

    Enjoy the day.

  • PJ DeSolier

    I hesitate to open anything that cannot be discussed in public. Do you know what this is about, per chance?

    Joseph Mclaughlin said… Good Day, How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you,but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on ( josephmclaughlin500@gmail.com ) for the full details.Have a nice day Thanks God bless.

  • Mark Tyskiewicz

    Thanks heaps, Jan!


  • Kevin D

    Thank You Jan.

    Going to be a little bit of a learning curve with this site's format, but I do hope to learn much more.

  • Ashley and Thumper

    How do I get the cup its cute

  • Derek Smith

    Thanks Jan!!!!
    Hope everything is good in your world these days.


  • Gene Golden


    I'm going to slide over to the Facebook group, and hope I can muddle through that a bit easier.

    If not, I'm quitting the internet.

  • Frank Stennett

    Happy Easter!!!

  • Fred Kemp

    Thank you, Jan!

  • David Sapp aka/Sappy

    Jan, I would like to Thank You once again for the information that you provided yesterday on the live chat 9pm to 10pm. It was very helpful.  Guess I can just consider myself quite fortunate to have snagged that GEC 722111 iKC.  It's like new immaculate condition.  Even has the round shield iKC.  I'm sure that you and others have an idea what the current value would be.  I am curious, though I will be a greedy collector and call it a Keeper. Almost sounds like a once in a lifetime snag

  • Ron Cooper

    Thanks, Jan! For a kid who didn't think he'd make it to his 20th birthday, turning 75 seems surreal. I'm gonna keep my foot on the gas and see how much farther I can go! My best to you and Donnie! Onward and upward!

  • Kent Williamson

    Thanks for the info Jan and the membership!

  • Michael Teele

    Thank you Jan for the acceptance!

  • Adam S

    Thanks for the tips, Jan.

  • Christopher Marshall

    Thank you Jan, looking forward to finding my way around here.

  • Greg Bond

    Thank you Jan.

  • J.J. Smith III

    Happy Birthday, Jan.

  • Sandie B

    Thank you Mr. Carter

  • Derek Smith

    Thank you Jan!!!

  • Warren L. Strout

    Thank You Jan, and Friends, This is the Big 80! Glad to still be around!! Thanks again, and have a great day, ya all....     Warren - "Lone Wolf". 

  • Ron Cooper

    Thanks Miss Jan!

    Looks like I'm a youngster compared to Mr. Strout. I'm just a baby at 76.

    Cheers, y'all!

  • Steven Carter

    Thank you!

  • Ben North

    Thanks Jan> I plan to spend some time this weekend figuring iKC stuff out. 

  • KnifeMaker

    Sergi C. Heideman

    Thanks Jan! Will be aware of what I try to do that does not always seem appropriate.

  • Thomas Conzo

    thanks for the welcome I havent had much time lately  , hopefully that will lighten up