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At 7:55 on July 20, 2022, Jan Carter said…

The 5 top things to do when you join iKnifeCollector!

iKC Community Rules

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Best Photo upload size?  640x480

and join us in the chatroom if you have any questions or just want to chat

At 17:18 on July 12, 2022, Lars Ray said…

You bet...would love to see it. Kevin D here on iKC is also an avid bayonet collector - he specializes in Japanese and Swiss bay's....mostly because he has the rifles to fit them. 

But yea - as my bio states, I love antique swords....when I can't afford a sword, I shop for a bayonet - and when I can't afford that, we swing for the knives! 

At 13:07 on July 11, 2022, J.J. Smith III said…

Honored by the friend request.


At 20:18 on July 10, 2022, Lars Ray said…

Wow...an instant friend request...I'm honored! :-)

Yea...that's how most everyone discovers the place...me included a few years back. This is probably one of the funnest, cleanest, and most enjoyable hobby sites I have seen and been a part of. When they talk about this place being a "community", it really is!

You'll see a bunch a regulars, then quiet for a while, then we all get excited over someone's latest find and ooh and ahh over it. I think it's great. Even my junk stuff gets praised - which never hurts the Polish ego.

So lemme ask a question here....your name has an L in it, so does mine. You have a bird representing you...so do I in the form of my family coat of arms emblazoned on the Imperial Polish eagle. Are you my long lost brother?  :-)

And that my friend is the kind of shenanigans that goes on here when not showing off your latest knife. 


At 18:50 on July 10, 2022, Lars Ray said…

Hi Heavy L - welcome to iKC! We're glad you're here.

This is normally where I would extend some hospitality and say something like "feel free to browse around and explore the different groups"...but I see you already did that. And what, joined 10 of them. You da man!  :-D

And I see you're based in Dallas...we're neighbors! Well, almost anyway, maybe 30 miles apart kind of neighbors. 

If after you reached the end of the internet and discovered everything iKC has to offer and you still have questions, feel free to ask away. Always someone around to lend a hand. Looking forward to seeing you on the boards...

At 10:30 on July 9, 2022, Ken Mundhenk said…

Heavy L Welcome to the Great Eastern Cutlery Group, we’re glad you joined us.

At 13:45 on July 7, 2022, J.J. Smith III said…

Howdy, Robert.

Welcome to iKC.  Great to have you here. 

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