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New to iKC and wanting to make a forum post but not sure how?

Its easy, just get to Forums by clicking the word FORUM at the top of the page. Pick a category to put the discussion in. Questions, comments or For Sale items all have their own spot.

Get familiar with the categories, pick one and post away. Don't worry if its the wrong one, we can change the category you put it in if you accidentally put it in the wrong one.

See the small add at the upper right corner? Its where you click to ADD a discussion. Once you do it opens up a page that needs a Discussion Title. What will you call your post?

Then add your questions, or pictures or both!

At the very bottom of the post you will find a place to add tags. basically tags are the main items or words of the post. Adding these will help you find answers later on.

Finally you can click "Preview" of your post which will open another window. You can read for bloopers or misspellings and make correction on your original page. Close the second page and click ADD DISCUSSION.

Your discussion is added and before long we hope you'll get some answers! Any questions about posting just ask!

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