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There's has been a fair amount of talk and interest on the Case Collectors Club for Case to do a Wharncliffe Peanut. There's a good chance that they will do one sometime. But, I decided to go ahead and modify one myself. This should give you a good idea of what one will look like.

It's been A LOT of years since I've done modifying or re-handling, but it felt good to get my hands back at it again. I don't have any of my power equipment anymore so I used a hand file to shape the blade (which I did sometimes even when I had power equipment) and my old standby Lansky to get the edge staright.

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You know, Craig, I like a wharnie on almost anything. You did a great job.

Thanks JJ, I appreciate it!

Now that is mighty fine!!!!!!  A peanut and a wharnie, I could be in knife heaven!

Thanks Jan!

A Wheanut?

I like that better than Wharnnut Alexander

I don't care what they call it as long as Case makes one! LOL!

Tell Case you want one - http://www.wrcase.com/support/contact/

Or perhaps a Peacliffe?

I like it Craig! The nail nick is even in the right spot too.

Thanks Nathan!

A Peacliffe? LOL!

Craig's "Peacliffe" got me to thinking...
Got me a 33OT that's lookin like it needs modifying.
It'll be a "Whittleman Jack".

Tell Case you want one - http://www.wrcase.com/support/contact/

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