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Does anyone know how to date this Sears Craftsman straight razor?  Thanks everyone!

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any info on back of tang or blade?  Trying to figure out which manufacture made this one for them and date back from there.

Some were made by ERN

Some by Koller

and some by Imperial

That seems to be the only manufactures for the Craftsman razor line that I can find

Craftsman 9207, Richartz, Solingen, Germany.  This company is also known by Koller

Trademarks: "Aarwerk" (1913), "Hygenie" (1912/13), "Koeller" (1900), "Koller's" (1980s), "Kriegsruf-Bahnfrei!" (1915), "Plum" (1924-5), "Parforce" (1904), "Propaganda" (1925).

 Koeller made pre WWII Craftsman 'Sta-Sharp markings. 

If the box is marked, "Made With Kayser-Ellison Steel." It is a Koller

Ms Data,
I spoke with Ron Cooper he collects craftsman knives and he suggested these two places for possible info

Straight Razor Place

Craftsman Thread ~ Badger & Blade

Thank you everyone!  Unfortunately not much readable info on the box.  It appears to have been well-loved by a large thumb for many years.  I checked back with the gentleman I purchased it from, who also restored it, and he dates it to the 1950's.  I have no idea how or why but I do trust him very much.  It will be a nice Cmas gift for my grandson.  Thank you!

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