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hi fellow members ,I am a recent new member. I am selling a portion of my collection mainly folders made by chris reeve ,spyderco, William herry, boker, zero tolerance,protech and several other makers.  new in box. there are 36 total. maby 6 don't have boxes . i would like to sell as 1 lot and not separate items. any suggestions on the most effective way to sell would be a great help. for more in please call me at 651 468 6125 or email me at jnora.1@q.com /  thanks

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Wow...quite a list there, James. You might find it easier, certainly faster, to sell them piecework, as you have some expensive knives there. That would be a tough sale to make with that many higher end knives. Or you could try to bundle them by brand, and hit the brand specific Facebook pages and try your luck there. Wouldn't mind a few of those myself! :) You might try contacting Bruce Voyles if you are dead set on selling the whole collection at once.

The other opportunity for selling as a whole is Blueridge Knives

  • Telephone 276-783-6143
  • Fax 276-783-9298
  • E-mail onestop@blueridgeknives.com

Ask to speak with Tommy

James,, I noticed your area code -- were you ever involved with the North Star Blade Collectors?  Not for purposes of the sale, just wondered if you were in that club ever.  

As far as the single lot sale goes, Jan's idea is much better.  If Blue Ridge doesn't offer you a price you can accept, Manx's suggestion t sell them off individually will likely be the faster way to sell them.

no sir I was not involved with north star blades. thank you all for your comments.

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