I inherited an old hunting knife from my grandfather. ( May be close to 100 years. )

The blade is marked "WRH Warranted".


Can this be a Sheffield made knife?


Adding photo soon.


Best regards/Anders

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Anders, welcome to iKnife Collector, we'll look for a clue on the initials. Look forward to a picture.

Here comes the photos.

Best regards/Anders

I cert6ainly love the reasearch on these old knives.

This is one place we may find something...http://sheffieldindexers.com/MasterCutlersMayors.html

Another peice of info I may have found us is

1889-1925, Eyre St.Works and Haddon Works. Became Ltd in 1904

Their tang stampt was WRH in a triangle

Well I found a refernce to them making a bowie style...You are bidding on a 10 inch Bowie knife made by W.R. Humphreys & co. (circa 1875-1902) of Sheffield England. The blade has some surface pitting. The horn handle appears to be in excellent shape

OK, I think it is from Shefield.  By a company named 

1925 W.R. Humphreys Pocket Knife AD

Jan I think you have it there. I like that as the explanation for the initials WRH.  W.R. Humphries makes a lot of sense. So does the time frame. Anders said he thought about 100 years old and this company would be close to that. I also think Sheffield was a lot bigger than anyone might think and perhaps an excellent company quite renown in much of Europe given the time. Certainly pre - WWI? Good research Jan!

Thanks for all this information! :)

More info may be on the tang?

(Thinking of removing the handle.)

Best regards/Anders

Anders, I would say doubtful that there would be any more info on the full tang. I can't tell directly from the picture but looks to be a leather wrapped handle? And I would guess subject to some decomposition and perhaps that is the reason you might re-handle?

Anders Nordstrom said:

Thanks for all this information! :)

More info may be on the tang?

(Thinking of removing the handle.)

Best regards/Anders


The handle in leather looks OK.

I was thinking of trying to remove the nut and then carefully remove the leather.

But never done this.

The cross-guard looks to be changed to a home-made one of brass, so the handle has been removed at least once.

Best regards/Anders


I am almost afraid if you take that leather off you'll never get it back on.  But you can buy the leather peices to put the same type back on if you wanted to stay with that

Good point Jan trying to get that leather on in exactly the same way could be an issue.  new leather would be fine I think, not sure though if you will find any additional info. I am pretty sure you won't Anders. But if you are determined to do it you have to let everyone know what it looks like and if you found anything else.

Actually I am interested in that homemade cross-guard. Do you think your grandfather did that? By the way any markings on the sheath, that looks original too.

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