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As I begin thinking of Blade Show, I begin thinking iKC knife.  I just want to gauge the interest in a specific thought I have.  Is it finally time for a fixed blade?  Yea or Nea ?

I have some other thoughts but I want to know about fixed blade interest

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I'll be in for an iKC fixed blade.
I've been looking at getting a nice bird & trout. Something like Queen's 85 pattern trout knife. Or a Case Finn knife. I'd be game for a small fixed blade. ( or a large toothpick!)

Certainly.  When I was with the North Star Blade Collectors, they had an annual knife & decided on a fixed blade one year -- in part to give one of the members, a great maker named Jeff Hebiesen, a chance to provide a knife for the club (they did this along with a folder, I believe).  Fixed blades have some definite advantages when it comes to being a club knife -- you can put a larger logo on the blade, & you can stamp one onto the sheath as well, for example (& it opens up the choices to makers you couldn't have considered otherwise).  I say do it.

who doesnt love a good fixed blade, I say yes too.

I own 98% folders, but the few fixed blades I have I like but can't carry.  I never buy a fixed blade without a sheath.  So for me, I would also vie for the addition of a sheath if it is a possibility. I would certainly happily buy whatever knife you have made. and having a nice IKC fixed blade could be fun, so I vote yes if you want. 

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