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Gang, found this knife in my dad's "bring back" stuff from WWII. Considering it was with his other WWII items I'm guessing that it is of that vintage.....but not sure at all. I intend to sell the knife but don't want to misrepresent what it is or its vintage. Is there a way to determine the approximate time of it's origin. Also, I see something that looks like a signature that I outlined on one of the photos----is that likely to be the engraver's signature? Any info at all about the knife is appreciated. Not sure I added these pics correctly.  IMG_4461.JPGIMG_4460.JPGIMG_4462.JPG.IMG_4456.JPGIMG_4458.JPG

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I found THIS, Greg. Am I in the ballpark? :-)

Sorry for late response.  Yes sir it looks like a match in style and technique. and, may give me a lead to its age. Thanks,

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