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Member needs and prayer requests

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Damnit. Our thoughts are with Cherry. So sorry to hear.

Sad. Very sad. Too young. 

Terry was one of the few members of iKC that I got to meet.  He will be sorely missed.  Praying for God to comfort and uplift Cherry as only he can.

For those wishing to share Terry memories with the family


Prayers and fond memories are what we have to remember Ms. Jean Sargent. May the love of family and friends comfort the family during these difficult days.  Not only the wife of Jim Sargent and the mother of the amazing Gina Sargent, Jean was always there at the shows, being her kind and attentive self.  She not only was the backbone of her family, she had a smile for all of us, always !  May our Lord bless and comfort the family during this time of grief. 

Praying for the Sargent family.  When I met Terry and Cherry Ray at a Tupelo gun and knife show, Terry introduced me to the Sargents.  They were a nice couple.

I've known Mr. Jim for many years, and met his wife , on couple occasions in Florence. Sorry to hear about his loss. Praying for the family and notified some local collectors , who knew both well.

Thank you Rick!

Sorry to hear of Jean's passing. Prayers for the Sargent family.

I am asking for Prayers today for our friend Syd Carr, I will let his daughter tell the story:

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica. For those of you that don't already know, Syd Carr is my dad. Over the course of two decades he has volunteered his time to help the local community through various charities and events. He has spent countless hours giving back to those in need. Now he needs our help! My aunt Janice lives across the country in Georgia. She has been in the hospital since November. Recently she was moved to a rehabilitation facility. Although she was there to get better, due to the poor care within the facility she has taken a turn for the worse. Earlier today she was transferred to the hospital once again. It's gotten to the point to where he needs to leave to see her as soon as possible. He hopes to drive across the country to visit her and help her with her medical care. However we do not have the resources to do this. The money raised here would go into getting him to Georgia! This would include new tires for the car, gas, food, and lodging. Anything helps!

Help Syd see his sister!

I would like to ask you all for prayer, for my son, Austin. My wife, Dawn, took him to the ER last night, for abdominal pain. He was admitted and surgery was scheduled for 9 AM this morning, to have his appendix removed. The surgery was delayed by two hours, due to prior surgeries taking longer than expected. He finally was taken in for prep and surgery. All went well, and he is now recovering. He will be in the hospital until Thursday, at the very least. He is feeling better already, but is not completely out of the woods yet. Infection is a potential concern as well as bowl blockage, that can occur, days after surgery. Thank you all in advance for your prayers.


Our thoughts are with Austin and the family right now.  In the coming days Lord, heal Austin and bring him home to his loving family

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