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I want to see if there are any unusual or ingenious ways of using paracord within the knife realm or related areas (ie - bushcrafting, survival, sheath making, etc.) Let's see your ideas. I have used it for some of the more well known uses, but would like to try something different. 

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I do I do!!

i think i lost my reply. anyway i tie a 3-4 foot length of paracord to most of my single edge folders. tie a hangmans noose or monkeys fist to the cord and dangle it out your pocket. it's always legal and easier to grab than the belt clips. it's alway good to have 3-4 feet of rope and harder to loose the knife.

That is a great idea Tom. It sure would be hard to lose a knife with 3 ft. of paracord hanging off of it. I love trying new things with paracord. I have made a few monkey's fist and some other knots, to make lanyards. 

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