Just wondering, does anyone else have any Parker Frost knives before they split? I have several if anybody wants to see them, I will post some pics.

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In 1976, the Parker-Frost Cutlery Company was formed but it lasted only until 1978. However it was instrumental in beginning the import of high quality knives from Japan. In addition, several patterns were made for the company by Schrade and Rodgers-Wostenholm in England


We dont own any of these Larry but in looking at them today I see there is a wide spread of value on them.  I would love to see some and also know why the very different spread of value, if you know

Jan, I have at least part of the Wildlife series that came out. I will post some pics soon. I really don't have a clue about prices. It was one of those things I just liked the look and feel of.

I used to own them many, many, many years ago. I collected Parker knives once upon a time too. Sure, I'm up for a walk down memory lane!!!

I have a Parker Trapper model. I had no Idea it was a collectable. Good knife, I just never use it.

I own a Salesman briefcase case that is dated 1978 contains 22 knives.  All the knives are marked 0762 on the bolster and the blades are stamped 1978-1 through 22.  I do not have much information on this set they are Parker-Frost USA and appear to have been made by Schrade for Parker-Frost.  Any input about this set would be greatly appericiated.

Donald, Can you place a pic of them?  I would love to see that case and it helps in finding info

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