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  I purchased all three of the folding Lockback Heavy Hunter knives by R.R.  Needless to say I was like a kid waiting for a new toy to arrive. The first knife of the series I bought was the RR1352. When it arrived I couldn't wait to open the package.

 What a sight to behold it is. Its a big knife, very shiny bolsters, nice wood scales, A large frame and a very large blade for a folding knife. The blade is very very sharp and it will cut ya quick with out you realizing it until you see blood.........  Yep I cut myself not bad enough to require stiches but it took a band aid.

 It has a Brass frame. So its pretty impressive and a large knife. 8 5/8" long open and 5" long closed. The blade is 3.75" from the bolster to the blade tip. 

The knife measures  3/8s of an inch wide at it widest part and that is a bit of disappoint to me. To my thinking and the knife being named to heavy hunter I would have thought it would be a bit wider. Maybe a 1/2 inch. Not as wide as a Buck or Uncle Henry but enough to give the knife a bit more heft to it.

As well as I like the knife it does not inspire confidence as to it being able to stand up to being an EDC. RR knives have a very good rep as to being reliable, able to withstand the rigors of being used as an EDC. Myself I think the Heavy Hunter series of RR knives are more for show than go

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