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  There is just so much knowledge here about knives. The different styles. The history, different ways of sharpening knives.

 I could spend hours here just reading about collections or how a particular style knife came about and Collectable knives. At times the info here is just overwhelming as there is so much of it.

 Spending time here has made me aware of what type knives I myself like as to use and what catches my eye as to it being collectable to me.

  I like the Carbon steel blade knives and the lockback style knives. That kind of limits me to some certin style knives however I as I gain more knowledge. I can see the reason for different style knives.

 Something else that really got my attention was the different brands of knives made by Schrade, Camillus, Buck, Case and Utica knife company's

I remember what I called dime store knives when I was growing up and I always thought they were just cheap knives that would break the first time you used it. Only now did I find out what company's made those knives and they are far better than I thought.

 Now I spend time looking for those same knives on Ebay, thrift stores and yard/estate sales. I remember my Son and I going to a yard sale that had a few electronics that I was interested in and there was also a collection of pocket knives.

 The person who was having the sale tried to interest me in the knives but all I was interested in was the electronics and I bought those. He even tried to throw the knives in for free along with what I had bought.

 I looked at a couple and did not recognize any brand names and I told him I wasn't interested. Since I've been on this website I've often thought about that yard sale and what I may have missed by not getting those knives..........  From now on I shall be a bit more observent.

 This website and the members here have opened my eyes to a much larger world as to knives and to the many different styles, makes and brands. I'm very glad to be here.

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Dime store knives, Wally?

When I was growing up, I thought of them as hardware store knives.  Back then, I thought that the only kinds of pocket knives were Barlows, stokmen and a BUCK knife, (which could be any lockback knife that someone had).

We are very happy to have you here with us Wally.  iKC is a accumulation of the members and our never ending search for the knowledge.  Sometimes we seem to be slower than some of the larger forums, but we make up for it in research and the members that are always willing to share any info they find.  It truly is the members that make iKC great!

 Dime Store knives... yep that's what I called them. I was born in the city and raised in the city until my parents decided they had, Had enough and moved to the Midwest..  Council Bluffs IA. What a major change for me that was.

I had no idea what a Barlow or a stockman knife was. I only knew about pocket knives and those were ones that I saw in display cases in stores like Ben Franklins or several other five & dime stores.

It wasn't until my family moved into small towns in the middle of farming country that I really began to discover hardware stores and everything  a person could buy there. There was even a grain elevator in the town I lived in and as I remember they had small knives that had the name of the feed store on them.

 It was living in the midwest that my Dad taught me hunting, fishing and how to be self reliant. He had a very strong morel sense as did my Mother and myself my brother and Sisters were brought up that way..

 And I'm getting OT. Sorry about that. This is about knives not my life.

  I never even heard of a Buck knife until my Brother in law gifted me a 110 lockback and that was in 1967 or 68. By then I knew about Case knives. The knives I really missed out on were the knives made by Schrade, Case, Camillus and Utica knife company's that were made for Dept stores and others I never knew that Shrade made the Sears Craftsman knife.

  I think that's what I miss most. So I spend time on the net looking for those that I considered off brand (cheap) knives. It is an adventure and when I find one its worth the search............  :)  


Knives/Life...is there a difference?? LOL

Great to have you with us, Wally! And while there is most certainly a ton or two of info here, try not to ignore the newer knives and companies. Lots of new styles and steels out there. Some incredible locking systems, handle materials...lots of fun! And we talk even more about them in the Chat room sometimes. Feel free to pop in and say Hi!

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""If the best things in life are free, then how come I still have to pay for knives?" --Jordan Klepper, "The Opposition""
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