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I have collected knives, not seriously, for many years, but now I would like to create a collection that can be added to on a regular basis and that has some semblance of meaning to me.  I am thinking about concentrating on Trappers and Barlow as they appear to me to be what I like in a knife.  Does this make sense or is it better to just buy what you like when you see it?  It seems to me that if I concentrate on a particular type of knife I am not tied down to a particular brand.  My preference so far is Case, Rough Rider, and Boker.  That pretty much covers the world.  I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter and have you help me explore this huge subject.

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Wow!  Lars, that is a great little collection and the box itself is collectible to me.  Sometimes picking up something like that and making just a few part of your collection and selling of the rest helps you afford to grow the collection.


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