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Benchmade Fans,

     I absolutly love the fit and finish of Benchmades. They almost never disapoint and their axis lock is in my opinion far smoother than the sog arclock. For you fellow benchmade addicts I must recommend my absolute favorite online vendor for these knives. He has the best service of any online store I have used. I have used them all. Some are quite good but none match the absolute flawless service that Jeff the owner of the Cutlery Shoppe gives his customers. Have no fear and shop with complete confidence when you shop there. I also think that you find his prices competitive with any and all online vendors. I just ordered the Onslaught and can't wait to see if this Bob Lum designed classic is as good as it looks. Give Jeff a try. I think you will all be very pleased.

All the Best, Hugh

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+1 on recommending jeff! although my order got confused with someone elses so customs wanted 4 times the amount they should have he was very quick in my communications with him and sorted everything out promptly, even threw in a little something something in the package for my troubles.

 Good day friends, I have owned the smaller onslaught for about a year now and find it to be one of the finest knives I own. I like it enough to where I am compelled to  get the larger onslaught. The slick action is second to none and I carry it daily.  The negative side of it is I dont have 2 of them.


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