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I have become increasingly enamored with the 110. In the last 6 months I have bought 5 older 110's and refurbished or customized 3 of those. My last purchase was for a 1989 Finger grooved variant, that came along with a Quick-draw sheath & a standard Schrade sheath. 

I have tried the standard vertical fold over flap sheath & the cross-draw sheath. Neither of which kept me from carrying a modern tactical pocket knife. The psychological need for a quickly deploy-able knife is evident in my psyche. 

The Quickdraw sheath is my preferred rig for the 110 (or 6OT, 7OT, LB7...etc). Since it's arrival, I have not carried a modern pocket knife. I have a small fortune tied up in modern tactical knives that I no longer use because I have fallen for an "older woman" dressed in 2 pieces of leather held together with 10 strategically placed rivets. I have spent more on one tactical knife than I did for this whole setup and this setup doesn't shred my pocket linings.

There are new Quick-draw sheaths available on eBay for about $40 shipped. They come with the belt loop holder which will keep the sheath in position & a silicon roller spacer for the blade opener. I will probably buy one in the near future. 

How do you like to carry your 110?

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2 110's, Alternating or double carry?

I usually alternate between the two, I've been known to double carry from time to time as well

I tend to prefer to carry mine in the original case, but those Quickdraw sheaths look intriguing.I've been to their website.

Joined because I own two 110's. Here they are, nothing especially significant other than the one on the bottom was owned by my late adopted brother. Both have stock "Dymondwood" handles, brass bolsters, and SS blades....just a couple of stock, regular 'ol Buck 110's!

He had removed the blade pin and blade itself for some reason, and I got it with the blade out of the knife. I sent it back to Buck for reassembly, and just recently got it back. You can see the nice polishing job they did on it after reattaching the blade. You can also see where my brother had apparently been filing finger grooves into his frame, but that is only on the one side. Obvious to me he was still filing on the frame, and hadn't finished or reattached the blade when he passed. Now that I have had it "restored" it lives in the custom-made sheath he made for it with his name embossed on it. Mine lives in it's stock sheath. We purchased them at the same time in the late 90's. Both have the "C" stamp, indicating 1995 knives.

I have considered getting a horizontal sheath for mine, but I feel at 5" the 110 is just a little too large to carry horizontally. I carry both knives at least once a month, and will be handing them down, and their history in the family, to my grandson.

I prefer to carry mine in a genuine Buck case

Unfortunately, my all three of my 110's came with the nylon sheath, which I am NOT fond of.
It may be sacrilege to the purists, but I generally carry my 110 in a leather Schrade sheath.
One of these years I'll get a Buck sheath or a custom sheath (but to be honest, it is hard for me to spend more for a custom sheath than I paid for the knife, so I probably won't get a custom, unless I make it myself.)

I picked up this 72-74 110 which had already been customized-I carry my 110 in something like this


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