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Thought I'd start a new thread asking folks to show a Buck knife photo or two. I like just about anything made by Buck. But, am drawn to the Gold etch art knives and love stag handles.

Buck 124 with Colt Firearm's gold etch


David Yellowhorse Dream knife



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While waiting for the Barlow shown above to arrive I received this little gem. Unused 1993 Buck #303 Cadet. What is so special about this common little knife? 1993 was the year my daughter was born and I have been looking for a knife made that year for me to carry as a reminder of that occasion, and now here it is! That's all, nuthin' special, just a nice little knife to commemorate a joyous event. Actually though, now that I have it I realize I am starting to enjoy the Buck 300 Series knives from this "in between" era of the end of Camillus manufacture and before the turn of the century when Buck switched to a different blade grind. So far all of the knives of this series I've seen made after 2000 are inferior to these in betweeners, (IMHO that is).

So, stay tuned, tomorrow will be photos of a holy grail.

Oops!! See how out of it I am, forgot to add a photo to the post above: Do overs!!

NOS 1993 Buck Cadet:

Ok, the unveiling!

Buck #331 Granddaddy Barlow in Jigged Bone, one of the rarest Bucks out there. SFO made for SMKW by Camillus in 1999. They were made in black & yellow Delrin as shown above, and this the much rarer Jigged Bone.

Believe it or not there are even more special knives coming in the mail as I write this, so more photos will follow next week. Don't ask me how much I paid, I get tears in my eyes and start to gag when I think about it.....but of course all of you know how that works!


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