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When I was a young lad dating my future wife, I remember when I used to go to her house for supper her father would use a carbon steel carving knife and fork with beautiful  stag handles! The blade had a very dark patina on it. Many of his kitchen knives were carbon steel too. 

Does anyone have carbon steel kitchen knives?

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Sure here's one for you, this one's from a buddy of mine in Brazil Ivan Campos. If anybody is interested here's his website, http://www.vancampos.net.

nice one...

Now THAT'S a Chef's Knife!!!!!!

I wonder if any companies still make carbon steel kitchen knives?

Sorry I forgot to tell you all about the knife above. It's .o85 thick, made from 1070 steel, full flat ground 10" hand rubbed finish with maple handles and stainless steel pins. At least now you'll have idea what your looking at. Also a small correction on the website it's http://www.ivancampos.net.

Come on guys, lets see more carbon steel kitchen knives!

I have a picture of my custom carbon kitchen knife coming as soon as my grand daughter gets home. These are a few companies that make carbon kitchen knives, Old Hickory, Forged Craft and Ontario knives. There's probably alot more but thats all I can think of right now.

Geez, I forgot about Ontario/Old Hickory kitchen knives! Yeah, everyone sells them! Maybe I'll be adventurous and try some. 


And I forgot about Russell-Dexter kitchen knives! But I can't find any of my "normal" dealers that sell Russell-Dexter. It seems EVERYONE sells Old Hickory by Ontario!

Craig, theres always a bunch on Ebay. What kind are you looking for, I have a few, I might let go. The ones I have are vintage.

Thanks Robert, but I was just knocking around the idea in my head (lots of room in there!) about trying carbon steel kitchen knives. And talking to my wife about it since she uses them the most. Next knife order I put in next week I might throw in an Old Hickory paring knife for my wife to try out.

I was surprised to see lots of reviews of the carbon steel Old Hickory kitchen knives on the net. Part of my surprise was how many people use carbon steel kitchen knives! Also about 90% of the reviews are really high for them!

Also....does anyone here actually use carbon steel kitchen knives, and, how do they like them compared to their stainless kitchen knives? 


Actually, in my awkward way, I was trying to get a carbon steel based discussion going :)

That's almost all I use in the kitchen and everywhere else. Fixed blades, pocket knives, fishing, camping, hunting it's a carbon steel knife. I have a few stainless knives and they have there place but my favorite by far is carbon steel.


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