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If you have Case Fixed Blades, Show them!

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The sheath is a signature of Daniel Winkler. He makes his knives mostly for Special Forces and Navy SEALS. In time of high stress, fasteners and straps get into the way. I like the design as I climb up into a tree stand or wade through thick brush, there is no strap to hang up on limbs and if accidentally released loosing the knife.

 This is just a few That I have


Those are most excellent, Gary! I picked these up within the last year or so,

Gary Kennedy said:

 This is just a few That I have

Great lookin' Fixed Blades Clint, Gary and Max!

I'd love to get the Case-Winkler in Walnut.

New Drop Point with Mushroom Pommel. Decided I better get one since they discontinued the Drop Point. :-(

Just in...............

Standard Pommel 2017

Great knife.

Thanks Clint!

Another new Fixed Blade..............

400 USA 1965-69

A couple of new ones just in................

323-5 SS - 2018

Santoprene - LT75 SS - 2013

Most impressive Craig!

Thanks John!


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