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Okay I know you guys have all kinds of Case "Stuff"; marbles, belt buckles, license plates, thermometers, etc., etc.

Also, do you have anything that isn't made anymore? Unique? Rare? 


Lets see your Case "Stuff"!!

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Just received this from a friend,

Nice patch!

That's great Max!

I wish I still had my Case brass buckle from the 80's. Used to wear it a good bit.

Hoping those pins are avail at Norris, I want one

Just got these...........

Here's some "stuff" I've gotten recently...........and a big thank you to Andy Larrison for the stuff in the first picture - Because of physical limitations I'm unable to attend Case Events, so Andy was so kind to send me some "stuff"!

Good work Andy Larrison!!!!!

Nice bit of "stuff" there Craig!

Thanks Jan! :-)

My pleasure Craig!  I was pretty sure you'd like it! Thanks Jan.

I really like the pic of the red logo pin you've got posted here Craig....real cool! !

Thanks Andy! Lisa sent me that one.


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