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Okay I know you guys have all kinds of Case "Stuff"; marbles, belt buckles, license plates, thermometers, etc., etc.

Also, do you have anything that isn't made anymore? Unique? Rare? 


Lets see your Case "Stuff"!!

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Cool stuff John!

Thanks Craig, here is something else.

Now THAT is really cool! 

I thought you would like it.

Just got this from a friend over on the Case forum..........


Nice Craig, I have one too!

Got this cool Case hat the other day from a buddy in another group.  Notice the Tom Arrowsmith signing on the brim.

Cool hat Andy!

Just got this cool handmade ornament from Andy and made by Andy........thanks so much Andy!

Nice Hat Andy, and a great Ornament Craig! Andy was hard at work in his workshop this X-mas!!

Jan Carter said:


I have always been a nut for the "stuff".  Tony was just laughing at me the other day because I think I still have the original autograph from the day I met him

Max McGruder said:

Wow de wow wow! Jan you are the winner I'd say so far and it sure would be hard to beat!! Really like the Authorized dealer Case signs and the Arrowsmith Bose stuff is too cool! as are the Marbles!

JB, that is one fine look hat also, love all the autographs!! and the iKC mention takes it over the top!

Here is a few odds and ends I have.



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