I have been under the impression since GEC's start up that they were using straight 440C steel for their stainless blades.  Lately I have been seeing a lot of print listing 440HC, a steel which I am not familiar with.  (Not to be confused with 420HC). 

Can anyone clarify which of the two is actually the one GEC is using?

If it is indeed 440HC, can any of my fellow "steel junkies" explain the difference?


I'd ask GEC directly but I haven't had the best of luck recieving replies from them lately.

In 2006 Chris told me they were using 440C.  Just wondering if this has changed?

There are a lot of new steel selections out there these days, but I've never heard of 440HC.

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I'm not a metallurgist,but I think the difference between 440C and 440HC would be minimal.440c would be stainless carbon? and 440hc would be stainless high carbon? Just a guess. I thought Pat told us 440C at the Rendezvous. I could be wrong.
Bob Andrews
Thanks Bob!
Yeah, I'm really thinking the "440HC" is a misprint/mistake. I was told 440C, and from the appearance of the blade steel that's what it is. 440C is a good old standby knife steel with a good reputation.

I'm wondering if the "HC" comes from a confusion with the common 420HC that is unfortunately all too prevelant in some blade steel these days. I won't go into my opinion of 420HC but I don't own any and I won't buy any. It is a fine stainless spring steel and easy to work with machine tools, so it's great from a production standpoint. I'm sure it has its followers and that's as it should be.

I sure hope Pat did indeed say 440C.

Donnie spoke with Pat and Bill also and we both remember 440C and I dont remember them mentioning HC.
Well that's a relief. Glad to get that little item cleared up.
Thanks for your input. Always appreciated.

the "steel snob"


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