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Something we have not talked about lately is new aquisitions.  Tell us about your latest and greatest GEC.  Donnie bought me both the new 23's in the Beavertail (Worlds greatest husband by the way)  He got himself the newest 73 in Primitive bone.  THAT is a heck of a nice knife.


What have you gotten lately?

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I quickly aquired a pair of the Northfield #23's in Black Plum Jigged Bone, the 23 being one of my favorite patterns.


Then I opened the drawer that has recently been assigned to the #62 Half Congress pattern knives that have become another favorite.  I was shocked to discover this group has apparently been unable to curb their carnal instincts and I counted ten of the little creatures in various handle materials.  Really, I had only planned to aquire a couple.....


Also I recently added a very nice Northfield #61 Congress with Blood Red Jigged Bone, this one having the Warncliffe blades in addition to the pen blades.

Recent acquisitions - 2 #89 whittlers,  tortoise shell and ebony, #65 Ben Hogan in ebony, 2 # 56 doglegs, spear and clp, both in ebony, #25 single blade barlow drop point in stag, and just in is a #25  2 blade barlow clip blade in goldenrod sawcut bone


   My latest is the Bradford Single Shot. Reddish wine bone with bullet shield. Nice

My newest beauty.  A total surprise, a gift from a friend :)  Tell us what have you acquired recently

hi jan was you able to get some pic's of youall's new toys sure would like to see them..


This was taken last year, my inventory list is at 117 now.  Have three new ones on the way this week, will take pics

Wow Miss Jan, that's one fine set of knives.

Thanks Robert,

The tiny one is a hundred year old Northfield quill knife and the razor is about that old but it is a Titioute.  I told Donnie the other night my inventory list has started to look like a dealers list.  For those of you that wish your spouse shared your love of knives, think about having to buy for two collectors :).  My friend Dave keeps asking ...Is it a hobby or an obssesion?  My answer..Its a passionate hobby 

my latest is a #65 (Ben Hogan) with genuine stag handle, I love it, the fit n finish is awesome.
Congrats Falah, Thats a nice pattern and you can never go wrong with genuine stag

Congratulations Falah. 

I also have one of the #65's in Genuine Stag and the Stag is especially well matched and pleasing to feel and look at.

The #65 is currently one of my EDC knives and I am finding it to be well suited to many cutting chores.  It is easier to open than my old favorite #2351's and the long slender blade takes on big jobs very well.  GEC did an excellent job on the design, fit and finish of the #65, something I am quite critical of generally, and I am well pleased.

My #65's remind me of the beautiful old English Jacks of the 19th Century.  Right out of Sheffield or London. 

falah gumilar said:

my latest is a #65 (Ben Hogan) with genuine stag handle, I love it, the fit n finish is awesome.
Glad that one pleases you my friend, has it been field tested?


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