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I am a hot sauce addict! My favorite is generally Tabasco. But there are others that I like too. Gunshot Sauce I love, though it isn't really hot....even their "Hot" one. But it has great taste, and can use it for marinade, BBQ sauce, everything. I also have been trying out Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine Hot Sause. Once again not really hot to me, but very good. I always use Tabasco as the baseline for hotness.

Do you have a favorite?

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 Tabasco, Crystals, and Franks are my go tos.Red pepper flakes and garlic go into everything except my Wheaties and ice cream. I have to tell you about a sandwich from my college years & as I will be 60 next month, it made an impression. There was a campus bar where you could get pie-eyed,stumble out the back door & into a sandwich shop."Ed's" He offered a foot long polish sausage sandwich"Tijuana Style" with the standing offer of if you could eat 2 of them they're free. I don't think anyone ever collected, although I came close a couple of times. A footlong sausage infused with red peppers, and the bun was lined with Szechuan mustard on 1 side, a habanero or hotter red sauce on the other, and both sides lined with baby Jalapenos. You could eat 1 and a half but the accumulation of heat was unbearable the final 2 or 3 bites. The up side was, you could stagger in the back door, but would sweat out so much alcohol eating the darn things, you could walk out the front door pretty well sober. 

Ha, ha  ah yes the younger days when I could eat much hotter foods!

haha my fridge has three kinds at all times. 

Tabasco for eggs and hashbrowns.

Lousiana for fish.

Franks Hot sauce for Chicken.

I'm making some homemade hot sauce this year. I haven't made any in a few years.

I'm not Macho Man nor am I a "burn your face off" sauce fanatic but  Tabasco, Crystals, and Franks are what you put on the kids table. They're just vinegar with a little bite IMHO.

Dave's Insanity Sauce is one of the genre that tries to be as hot as they can get it while sacrificing taste. To me, most of them taste scorched.

I want my hot sauce to make my tongue and cheeks glow, a tear to come to my eye, yet have a good taste. These two have succeeded to my satisfaction.

I consider all forums to be opinion forums so to each his own.


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