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Remember the bosses rules for the porch; "No Cussin, No Spittin and sweep up your whittlin shavings".

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Luke says...

Did y'all see the new sign on the bulletin board ?

I'm sure that only applies to out here, on the porch. Sometimes you just gotta "Cuss & Spit" when ya eat at the diner.
I think I will just take mine on the porch, thank you very much.....
I guess you think Sarah won't find you out here ?
You are going to get me in trouble....folks're gonna think I have a girl friend...
You do,it`s your Mac.
I need to print one of these signs as a reminder... my wife is always complaining about my whittling shavings. Are they really a fire hazard in the office and loungeroom??? ... and it is my office after all... :D
I guess it all depends HOW HIGH the pile of shavings is.
When I was probably 13 we used to go to horse shows. They were famous for folks sitting round the barns shaving cedar sticks. I remember the goal was trying to see how long a curl I could save. Those were fun times. Every time I smell cedar today, it takes me back.
A friend sent me the attached info.
Good read and brings back memories also.
Whadya mean no spittin!!! Why it ain't right! HOG
Don't do this either, this is a "FAMILY" establishment.


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