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Hey mister, You can add some sauce at the table too.

For some reason customers been taking our silverware.
We've finally got our new shipment in and hope that they will stay awhile.

By the way, they go with our new plates.

Thanks for your business.
yeah, speaking of plates (hub caps). Had to order one for my wife's ride yesterday. $70
She didn't loose it in a "roadkill" situation, did she?

No, think someone swipped it. But the world is at rest now. got her another.

this is from roadkill cafe menu...I laughed so hard at some of these...I just had to add it.

RoadKill Cafe's Special of The Day! $1.69

Monday: --- The Monday Mixer:
Everything scraped up from the weekend.

Tuesday: --- Poodles and Noodles:
Served with road toad ala mode.

Wednesday: --- Flat Cat Cakes:
Served single or stacked.

Thursday: -- Pit Bull Pot Pie:
Served with peas and carrots.

Friday: -- Dead Deer Delight:
Served with gravel and hood ornaments.

Saturday: -- Cheep Sheep Night:
Served with raccoon or possum pie.

Sunday: --- Our Buffet Served Right along the Road:
Features the very best from our highways.

Specials served BY - ERIC E.

Well the Sunday special sure sounds good today!


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