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An uncle gave this KA-BAR to my Dad in 1945.  Dad carried it daily until about 2000, and he gave it to me in 2003 or 2004.  I know nothing about it.  Is it rare/common?  Is it valuable/cheap?  (I don't want to sell it because it was Dad's, and I will pass it on some day.)

Any information/insight will be appreciated.




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What you have here is an old Ka Bar 2 blade whittler or pen knife, is there a pattern number on it?  It appears to be a jigged bone handle but hard to tell in a picture.  The tang stamp may give you the range of years for the pattern.  Try looking here  https://officialkabar.wordpress.com/historical-information/ka-bar-t...

for that information.  If the tang stamp is work try the old paper over it and rub a pencil on it, you may be able to see it better in a rubbing.

Let us know what else you figure out or  it or you have any more questions on it please :)


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