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After a bit over a yr & a half of constant use .. the spring broke.


The closed OAL of 3.58” is about what I consider ideal for pocket carry. The blade steel has proven itself. And .. I’d already put some time into this one when I reversed the lever. When I also replaced the bolsters with Desert Ironwood & reamed the pivot out to 0.125” & put a simple 1/8” mosaic pin at the pivot. I’d also become quite fond of it.

I have 5 ~6 of these .. projects for family & friends. I’m that impressed with the knife. This particular design lends itself well to south paw conversion & I’ve a left handed brother. On one though .. I’d removed ever so slightly too much of the blade tang & introduced a problem. I’m cannibalizing the spring from that unit. The leverlock mechanism is being saved for when I do a leverlock of my own. But .. that’s a different project.

I had to drill the original pin out to about ½ its length before I could drive it the rest of the way out using an under size drill bit in a pin vise ..&.. a small mallet.

The pin came out cleanly.

A very very simple mosaic pin is going back in. It’s an 0.093” brass tube with a 0.063” copper tube inside that has a 0.032” brass rod inside of it. Simple ..but.. nice.

The 0.093 brass tube is securing the new back spring & firing spring combination in place. I’ve tried it .. it works great!!!


I’ll post some pics of the finished unit .. when finished.



D ale

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Well, looks like you have the locking mechanism down and a spare one for your own project,  Not a bad way to get accustom to it and have spare parts for a much loved knife.  Lever lock is not an overly complicated system but it does have to be pretty close to exact to work


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