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How about a site for just Robeson Knives? Haven't seen any specific place for them yet, though there is much discussion about this great knife. Wish we could channel all that discussion here in one place. Maybe we could show some Robeson pics here also.

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Sounds like a good idea. I haven't had any Robesons for a coon's age. But I'll look at pictures! LOL!

Here are the only 2 that I own. both strawberry bone.

Lee, nice Robeson.

That's sweet. Mine are kind of wore out but I like them.

OH, just wait till word of this gets out!  We have some folks with some very nice Robesons...Great Idea!

That strawberry bone is great!

Lee Smith said:

Here are the only 2 that I own. both strawberry bone.

I love Robeson's. I just don't have many of them. Thanks for starting this. I will post what I have in a couple of days, when I have time. They are great knives.

Nice ones!

Robeson # 626636 - a recent purchase - strong tight knife with very strong snap - Heavy Jack - a real nice knife, quickly became my favorite Robeson.

Nice Ken!!

Real nice Robeson's there Guy. I have only one and it's a latter model, made by Queen.


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