3 Day Backpack Trip
A little camping trip in between Christmas and new years,
A lovely early summer day.
A quick trip through the FL Glades
Another reason to deer hunt
Another season report
Before and After
Big Crooked Lake, near Dowagiac Michigan
Boots were made for walking...
Camp Oven Meals
Charcoal or Gas
Deer and other critters
Deer pictures
Deer Video
Deer videos
Do I need a mushroom knife?
Do You Catch It And Eat It, or Bring It And Heat It?
Don't shoot!
Fencing in the Ozarks
Fish Knives
Fishing Photo Contest
Flyfishing Montana Part 1-Notes from my journal
Flyfishing Montana Part 2-Notes from my journal
Flyfishing Montana Part 3-Notes from my journal
Flyfishing Montana Part 4-Notes from my journal
Flyfishing Montana Part 5-Notes from my journal
Flyfishing Montana Part 6-Notes from my journal
Game videos
Got the BBQ out!
Great Missoula Floods
IKC Flashlight Fans
Interesting pics
Knife Experience Stories
Late Summer Early Fall Outings
Latest critter pics
Marvelous Alaska
More deer and other critters
More pics
More trail camera pics.
Mowed my weeds for the first time yesterday
Need a place to post pics of fish!
Nessmuk Trilogy... How many of you guys follow his teachings?
New outdoor pics
Opening Day.
Outdoor Adventures for the Spring of 2014
Outdoor Gardening
Outdoor Gear Products Review
Possum on the half shell!
Predicting Weather.... Folklore or Truth?
Scottish Ancestry ?
Season Report.
Small Game, Big Memories.
Take a little trip.
Taking a stroll in the yard
Tent, Tarp, Trailer or Dirt
That favorite hunting knife.
The Saga of Lefty
This one time.
Three Coyotes Chase A Deer
To all climbers in the group...
What would you bring?
What's Your Favorite Outdoorsmans Knife Handle.
Who Hunts?
Woods Time.
Your Top Trips

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We are heading to Grand Ile Louisiana next week and plan on eating some fish and crabs that we catch. Maybe even some shrimp. We will be staying in a cabin that's about 12 feet off the ground. We will cook the seafood underneath in the shade.


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