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How about pics of Remington Knives - and the Bullet year Knives

Started by Ken Spielvogel. Last reply by Gus Marsh Jun 26. 57 Replies

I like the Remington knives - but they are quite pricey. Even the year knives can get expensive. But they are fun to collect and I really enjoy the ones I have.Show some pics of your Remingtons. Does…Continue

Looking for some Remington expert help!

Started by Mike Baugh. Last reply by Gus Marsh May 16. 9 Replies

I have a Remington R16 that is in WAY too good of shape to be what the tang stamp dates it at. The stamp dates to 1933-35. I have heard tales that they might have remade these in the 80's, but cannot…Continue

Remington 2016 collector club knife

Started by vernon wayne perkins. Last reply by vernon wayne perkins Oct 15, 2016. 6 Replies

Does anyone know if the 2016 Remington CCC Knife is out, if so, what is it? ThanksContinue

Remington UMC peanut

Started by Doug Thrower. Last reply by James Cole Jun 8, 2015. 3 Replies

Anybody have any info on this little guy ? I have scoured the net, with little to show for my time. I think the handles are delrin, but not sure. No marks on back of blade, only the "Remington UMC"…Continue

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Comment by D ale on July 29, 2017 at 5:50

Just my personal opinion.

I think the Remington ~ BUCK partnership is a winning combination. Both possess iconic names in the outdoorsman / hunter / sportsman arena. When it comes to business .. predictions are .. difficult @ best. In the real world .. I cannot imagine a better marriage. Both companies are instantly recognized in the world of hunting & outdoors activities .. young to old.

I am an avid fan of Bear & Son .. from the days of Bear MGC to the current Bear & Son. I am realistically informed enough to recognize the ongoing issue of sporadic Q&C issues associated with the firm. I am also lucky enough to not have personally experienced this shortcoming. AND .. I own a good # of their products. I’d truly thought they’d gotten a handle on it through their landing of the Remington contract the QC issues did diminish coincident with that contract. I can only guess .. not well enough. I am still a great fan & will continue to recommend their product as a very good “quality deal” using knife.

That being stated .. the current BUCK / Remington partnership I view as nothing less than a winning combination !!! Both companies possess an historically proven value of both quality & concern for their customer base. Tough to go wrong given that company philosophy.

Keeping the Bullet Series under USA manufacture is a sage decision. I am not a collector of Remington’s ..but.. understand that is their “select” product line. Keeping the manufacture stateside will facilitate tighter control of the quality of that line & further facilitate the command of higher profit margins. From a competitive business view .. there is also the need for a lower priced line of product. That dictates going off-shore for production. Most here should recognize ..through SMKW’s Rough Rider line.. that quality is available from off-shore sources. And BUCK is already positioned to supply both .. USA & off-shore production .. while simultaneously providing the Q&C demanded by Remington.

It all boils down to a very winning combination for all .. imo.


D ale

Comment by Jan Carter on July 28, 2017 at 21:44

I am thrilled that the Bullet will be made in Bucks US factory. It is an iconic knife and keeping production here is a great way to honor that. Many of the companies now are producing here and abroad. it is as they say, the wave of the future. As long as quality control is there I am not totally opposed to the split.

Bringing new knives to the line is not cheap so I understand that outsourcing that may be the only way to economically do that

Comment by vernon wayne perkins on July 28, 2017 at 21:43

Thanks Jan for bringing that to my attention. I referenced China in error, I should have said import. I am sure a firm like Buck has an excellent quality control that will only let the finest knives pass. I would also like to see an american made club knife for the future.

Comment by Syd Carr on July 28, 2017 at 21:28

Though I seriously collect US-made Bucks, I also own a couple of import Bucks and can find no fault in them other than them not being domestic, same with Taylor-made Schrades. For that matter I can't remember ever seeing a Rough Rider I would consider inferior as far as fit & finish goes. I think Chinese manufacturing has improved vastly since Buck's first forays into offshore production, so I'm sure this new venture will result in quality products both foreign & domestic.

Personally I applaud Buck for finding a way to stay in business in a hostile business environment, unfortunately staying in business requires them to add imported items to their catalog. If that keeps US workers in their jobs in Idaho I salute their decision to do so.

Comment by Billy Oneale on July 28, 2017 at 21:10
The imported Bucks that I have are real good quality and I would expect the same with any other trademark that they have made.
Comment by Billy Oneale on July 28, 2017 at 21:07
SMKW has had some runs on Sfo Remingtons that were produced in China. Most of the ones I have are really well built. I would prefer the Bullet series stay domestically produced. The B&S produced are definitely spotty on quality for some that I have.Camillus produced were much better. I would enjoy the collector club being revived also.
Comment by Jan Carter on July 28, 2017 at 19:01

Indeed it will Wayne and while many will feel that way, I think Buck can make a difference by using the same strict quality they use on their imports.  Not sure they are all China based though.

Comment by vernon wayne perkins on July 28, 2017 at 15:14

Sorry to see another quality knife, made in America by Bear and Son, will now to be farmed out to China. No need now to buy an import knife just because it has the name Remington on it. The Bullet Knife will still be a nice collection to follow. 

Comment by Jan Carter on July 28, 2017 at 14:34

Some new info from this morning

Thanks for the link I was able to review some of the posts. One correction on the bullet knife – Our plan is to only make the Bullet knife USA. Products coming from off shore will be non-bullet knives.

Some additional info about the Remington line;
· Product will have model numbers on the blades
· We will have a date code for the Knives. Code will be positioned on the blades.
· Country of origin will appear on the blade & Packaging. (no consumer tricks)

Categories for the 2018 catalog will be;
· Sportsman Series
· Fast Series
· Tactical Series
· Heritage line
· Everyday
· Combo’s

More than 50% of the catalog will be new designs and the designs that were kept changes (Improvements) were made. The improvements were either Functionality and or Esthetics.

During the holiday season we have shipped some new product all import. Most of the products will be sold in a holiday tin as a combo set. These products will not be in our 2018 catalog. The Retailers are, Cabela’s, Academy & Tractor Supply.

Comment by Syd Carr on July 27, 2017 at 22:41

Hmm, well I don't know if I would consider Buck as "mega", but I expect the quality will be more consistent, and I'm sure they have more advertising punch & a larger customer base. As I'm sure you suspect, B & S's quality has always been spotty, so it wouldn't be the first time a brand switched manufacturers midstream due to quality issues, (Buck switching 300 Series production from Schrade to Camillus for example).

Of course I'm tickled whatever the reason, now I will have more Bucks to collect!


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