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I love the flat grind on the Spyderco, I guess that is why I like the Tenacious so much, to me that is how a knife blade is supposed to look.  Have my eye on the new Endura flat grind as well as the Caly 3.5. 

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Yeah, flat grinds come in many varieties. That's a dragon fly at the bottom, good for everyday carry when you don't want to frighten the locals. As opposed to the top one! That's the big Lum Chinese knife. It hasn't had much use yet, but it has a very striking look, and I keep opening it, just to admire it. The length of the handle is reassuring in my hand too. Cheers, Stephen.
great pics of some great knives, I have been eyeballing the lum for a while, may have to jump on one.

I adore full flat ground blades.  It is my preferred grind.  I do carry a sabre flat ground Delica 4, but that's my work knife and I felt a full flat ground blade would just not stand up to the abuse I put a work knife through.

A flat grind is very useful for cutting tasks that require some precision or even for things like skinning!


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