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My first Stockman was a Buck 301 that I purchased in roughly 1972-1973.  I carried that knife with me everywhere and used it nearly every day on our farm.  When I was 16 I lost it while hanging upside down and it fell out of my pocket.  I searched through all kinds of cold muck before I found it again.  I still continued to carry that knife nearly every day until one day, when I was in my 20's, my roommate decided to stick it out on her garage sale table, where she sold it for $5.00.  When I found out, I was livid, and some guy got a heck of a nice knife for $5.00.  To this day I have never had the heart to replace that Buck Stockman.  I think it brings up too many memories.  I loved that knife and I always will.

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A sad but interesting story Data!

I think Santa needs to find you one of those!


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