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Hello SAK fan,
Actually my favorite SAKs are the different alox models. As an example of the colors I attach a pic of my farmers. Actually I have 4 colors.

See more colored alox pics in my album.

Do you also have alox SAKs, perhaps in other colors?
Please show me them.

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I also like the Alox handled ones. I like the Farmers, the Harvesters, the Soldier and the Cadets.

That is where I've gotten almost all of mine. I did find some at "yourcornerstore.com", so you might check them out.
Wow! Nice! Are that Copper Cadets?
One is the Copper and the other is Autumn Orange. The colors are very similar...but are obviously different in person (the photo doesn't show this well).
Here are a few of my larger Alox knives, mostly older red alox models and a couple of newer Farmers and Electricians in blue and Orange.

The silver on is a Pioneer Settler, top left Blue one is an Electrician for the VSAKCS club knife special made, then the next 3 are Farmers a red, blue and a custom made orange with a pocket clip. The rest are older more vintage Pioneers, Pioneer Pruners, a rare Woodsman model, a rare Sailor model, and a Solo model.
I also like this colored alox handled knives very much. Here in Germany only the silver alox are still available.
As Pioneer, Electritian, Farmer, Swiss Soldier Knife (old - until 2007) and 3 others.
Here are a couple old ribbed alox Cadets from the 1980's and older. There is also a few newer ones in red, green and copper.

Today my new black alox solo was in my letterbox. ...more pictures in my album...

I like these older alox cadets in straight line style... unfortunately I don't have one of them... but I'm on the hunt !
Recently I bought some Wenger Alox. A Watch case opener and 3 Patriots. See Album...

My new Victorinox Prince Alox blue with advertising from Alcan.more....

Its a Wenger Traveler in Blue Alox.


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