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I'm guessing we all have a few: Neither Original or Genuine but just Swiss-Army Like -- which among your Swiss Army Knock-offs is your favorite?

Mine is an easy choice.  It is a a CCM made 108mm GAK.   I traded a Camillus "US" utility knife and GI issue Baseball Cap for it. When I was stationed in Germany.   The German I was trading with also wanted one of my Unit Crest but I had to the draw a line on that one.  I told him out be out of uniform if I gave that to him!

The CCM 108mm GAK and a replacement Camillus Utility knife (the unit crest is on the right side of the M113 track shoe. (1st Battalion 54th Infantry Regiment)

Another picture of the CCM 108mm GAK and my other EDC at the time, A Camillus Mk. Fighting knife.

My Vic 108mm GAK (top) and my CCM 108mm GAK bottom.  The Victorinox is later model with the file on the saw blade. I bought it several years later.

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I just bought some of these made by Tool Choice as a variation for an EDC. Will have to find my other non-gen Swiss Army knife, has black scales and is a 32 bit kit from memory. I do have original Swiss floating around somewhere from my old Scouting days that I found in a tree out bush not long after I became a cub so I would've been roughly 8 - 8 1/2 and had it since.


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