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I love Victorinox SAK knives. I'm not so crazy about the Wenger SAK, although that was my first SAK (from LL Bean). My most favorite are the Glo Rescue, the black one hand trekker and I have a 91mm with both scissors and pliers I like a lot.

I also have a swiss friend that sometimes works with Mr Elsner on new projects for VIC.
I have invited him to join us at iknife. I hope he will find time to do so. He has worked and is working on many special projects with Mr Elsner that are top secret. One thing he has done that I can mention is that he has created SS damascus SAKs. Very cool looking. But all gone, I think. I still have some pics of them I can post, if you like.

Best wishes all,

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Hi Paul if you like sak check out a couple I have for sale on e bay store name waynes world collectablies n knives

What an asset to everyone here to have someone from the factory join in! Would anyone else like to think about asking for us to become "official" and recognized as a (authorized? sanctioned? sponsored by? recognized by?) discussion group.
Just a thought.
Peter G

I know I am digging up an old thread, but I have a few SAK knives that I like. Although I am not a huge fan, nor do I collect a lot of them, I have a few in my knife collection that find interesting. Here are a few of them.

Gifts from salesman

Victorinox Super Tinker

Wenger EVO S10


Victorinox Midnight Manager


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery

gear2survive !


Boy's Knife is HERE


Click to view more

JSR Sports!


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