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Knife companies want to know your preference. You provide a vote when you buy their blades. So what is it? When you buy what are you buying?

  • Serrated
  • Plain
  • Combo

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I am a plain edge gal also but I am interested?  For those that like the serrated, what do you normally use them for?  I know the seat belt cutter, I carry one in my glove box for that but anything else?

I like the plain edge also. I have found the serrated blade useful for doing a little saw work on something.

I'll take double edge please.

I like both options. Why just have.one edg e
when you can have both.

I like a serrated partial, diversity in cutting , sharpening I find the Lanskey type sharpeners work great .



I much prefer the plain edge. Especially for sharpening. Lol. 


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