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Zero Tolerance Knives are a collaboration between Kai USA , Ken Onion and Strider Knives. They bring us a series of professional grade combat knives built to survive the worst conditions. Please share your experiences with these great blades.

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Comment by Steve Hanner on September 25, 2013

I know they have a lot on their to do list right now but I will ask and see if we get a clear idea. The general info was next fall. Although winning knife of the year honors you might expect something sooner! 

Stay tuned!

I got at the ZT 350 also! The stripes on the blade caught my eye too!

Jan Carter said:

Comment by björn thompson on June 20, 2012

it was my birthday today and my wife and son got me an ZT 350!!!! i absolutley love this knife, its been on my grail list for a while and i adore the stripes. the build is superb,and the size is just right. sorry for the bad camera quality

Comment by Jerry Moores on June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Bjorn - and you are a lucky man that has a wife to buy him knives :-))

Comment by björn thompson on June 20, 2012

thanks jerry, yes i know i am a lucky man,and she get knives and multitools for her birthday so the hobby goes both ways:-)


Comment by Patrik Ilijev on September 26, 2012

Glad to be here friends.

Looking forward to buy more ZT knifes here is my first one.

The ZT 0780

Comment by Jim Wilson on September 26, 2012

Very nice Patrik!  I just got the new 0550BLK in today.  Pic soon.  Did you ever find the SS Volt and Zing you wanted?

Comment by Patrik Ilijev on September 26, 2012

Hi Jim thank you. The 0550 is a awesome knife did you get the gen2 or gen1 I got mine on blade-forums from a nice seller still waiting for it.

I did not bought the Volt still waiting to find a perfect deal and the Zing is on hold right now I went in a more expensive venture I bought two Microtech knives so you can imagine a lot of zings an volts have gone bye bye but maybe in a few moths still waiting on a good price on the Echelon and just recently scored a Knockout for a killer deal.  I hope you enjoy your ZT and maybe you pimp it out with some custom scales from Rick Hinderer. I do want the blue frag pattern G10.

Comment by Patrik Ilijev on October 20, 2012

Hello ZT friends Here is my recent ZT purchase

ZT 0550


ZT offers a pretty good warranty. Including sharpening when a knife is returned for warranty service. Here is my question, if this is your knife company, have you used the Warranty and has it proved useful? Did it provide a good solution for you?

A couple recent mail calls


I really like the 300 series of ZT knives. Not fancy, tough as all heck, S30V steel holds a phenomenal edge, and fits very well in my hand. The tiger stripe is basking on my shelf (ZT0303) and the bottom one has been my EDC for more than 2 years.(ZT0300). For those of you that follow NCIS, Gibbs packs the same knife but with a coyote brown scale. (ZT0302). These are tanks, plain and simple.

And I will add my newest Zero Tolerance...the ZT0350BW (Blackwash). Found it for an incredible deal on Amazon.ca for $50CDN! A few of us jumped on it thinking it was too good to be true, but what the heck? Might as well try...and after 3 months, it showed up! Very similar to the ones I posted above but a bit smaller and lighter...and a liner lock instead of a frame lock. Great deal for a fantastic knife! Pictured here with his big brother.

That ZT0454 is a Grail knife for me...would give my left...anything for one! Lol

Jan Carter said:

Comment by Patrik Ilijev on September 25, 2013

Thank you Steve could you ask about the 0454 please. 

I've just started stocking up on ZT's both for personal use and resale. I've got an 0452CF large and a small with black blade on the way. I've been sitting on the manual combat folder for a few years. I missed the boat on the Gibbs 0300 coyote version unfortunately.

Ahhh...the ever elusive Gibbs' Knife! That would be the ZT 0302. Almost impossible to find. Most of the 030x series are now discontinued, but they just did a small re-release of the 0301 and the 0303. 0301 has the green G10 scale, and the 0303 is the all black with the tiger stripe blade. Absolute tanks of a knife. Paul...the manual folder...is that the 0200?

My 0909, purchased last fall, just accompanied me & my older son on a Boy Scout winter cabin weekend.  Still incredibly sharp but hasn't had much use yet (it's a tank in the pocket & there's no way I'd pull it out at work -- such a beast I would definitely get some overreaction)...

When I started here on iKC I was very much a traditional collector and had been for decades.  The ZT and owners comments are actually the reason I began to see that the configurations may have changed but a modern knife can be a good looking also!

Yes. Steve, it is. And l am preparing to special order the Gibbs Knife from my supplier.


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