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Arguably, the easiest & most frequently used method for dating cutlery.


Do you have a unique/rare stamping ??


Care to share a pic & a bit of history ??


Just as important ... a stamping that's just a little (or, a lot) suspect.





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Hatch Cutlery Co.

Bridgeport CT 1886~1888
Buchanan MI 1888~1899 (this stamping)
South Milwaukee WI 1899~19??

George Schrade Cutlery Co.
Bridgeport CT
circa 1916~1950

This stamping post 1940

Empire Knife Co. Winsted CT 1856~1930

Joh. Engstrom
Eskilstuna Sweden
circa 1874~1895
I have Western L48ABG
Not sure what the BG stand for??
Normally it's just L48A.........

Western L48ABG
Anybody know what the "BG" in this stamping designates ...

Apparently ... not the normal stamp


Waterville Cutlery Company

Waterville/Waterbury CT
circa 1843~1913
"waterville" was often hyphenated

Wade & Butcher

Sheffield England
circa 1819~1918

Jersey City NJ
circa 1918~1959

Successful competitor to Marble's hunting knives.

19th century quill knife.
Trent ... thanks for the pic.

Which "Western" stamp is on the other side ???
The one with the pat'd #
Western Tang Stamp Date Chart
I have about 20 Western knives
Mostly fixed blades
You can't really date them with the chart accurately

The guys on Bernard Levines forum think it has to do with a special factory order
Like for example, Bob George Sporting Goods Store (hypothetical store)
I think it may stand for "blood groove"
But, the proper term for blood groove is "fuller"

It's one of a few mystery knives I have...heheheheh :)
A U.S military utility knife. Ulster mountain pocketknife, c. 1942/43.

The "ULSTER KNIFE CO." stamping.

The "U.S." stamping on the bail.


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery

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