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Those of you that are my friends...or have viewed the photos that I've posted...know that I'm a big fan of Spyderco's Para Military and Para Military 2 knives.

The version shown here is one that you won't see every day. I suppose we can consider this "half of a Sprint Run". Half?!!!! Yeah..."half". Here's the deal. The scintillating blue G10 handle scales come from a Sprint Run M390 edition. If you look closely at the blade, you'll see that it's a Black CPM S30V version. No...I didn't create this half-breed. My perfectly delightful M390 Satin Finish/ Blue G10 is still fully intact. So how did this very cool-looking S30V fella come to be?

I caught this speedy knife on eBay. The seller had purchased the Sprint Run M390...but didn't care for the Blue G10 handle scales. So he ordered a regular version Para 2...but with a black blade...and then did some swapping. He prefers the black-handled M390 now...and decided to sell the now Black and Blue "extra". His loss...my gain. I think that the Black and Blue combination is really quite striking.

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Comment by Patrik Ilijev on September 22, 2012 at 15:02

Thank you Ron !

The knife is made from a regular yellow salt series Dragonfly somebody did made some kind of paint or dye job on it I saw it on spyderco forums I think in 2009 maybe but I'm not sure since than it had maybe more than one owner. As far as your question goes I think the whole knife is made from rust resistant steel I did watched on YouTube a nice torture test where not the Dragonfly but sat salt   ladybug was I think more 1 month in a salt water and bleach submerged and did not rusted at all. 

I'm so happy to have it I do love the Dragonfly series  but I think they are overpraised but that cant be helped. I'm proud to own some nice one of a kind versions of this knife.

Overall spyderco is my favorite knife brand as far as number of my collection pieces goes.       

Comment by Ron Cooper on September 22, 2012 at 14:17

I don't want to hi-jack the blue Para 2 convo, but I really need to give Patrik a shout-out for that green Dragonfly -- SWEET!

I also have a question about it. Since the blade is made from H1 steel which is used in Spyderco's "Salt" line of knives--which are known for being rust proof, or at least very resistant--can I assume that the lock bar and all of the hardware on this Dragonfly are also made from a similar rust resistant steel? Or, is it JUST the H1 blade? I sure do like that shade of green. Nice score!

Comment by stephen tungate on September 22, 2012 at 10:59

chris i think that is a great combo i really like the black blade and blue scales very cool my friend...

Comment by Patrik Ilijev on September 22, 2012 at 10:44

It is called Frankenstein knife if you combine and interchange parts  nice score Chris. I did score a green H1 Dragonfly 2 FRN Waiting to be delivered.

One of a kind modification. 


Comment by Jan Carter on September 22, 2012 at 5:31

That black and blue combo on this one brings it into the "I like it" category for me!

Comment by Ron Cooper on September 22, 2012 at 1:41

Nice! I think those blue scales look much better with the black DLC blade. I didn't pull the trigger on the blue Para 2 the first time around because I'm just not that fond of this shade of blue. A little darker blue would be my preference.

I hasten to add, however, that this knife will be available again (supposedly) around December and I do plan on getting one then just to do what the seller of your knife did -- get that M390 blade! I currently own the orange XHP, the brown S35VN, and also a digicam DLC S30V. These Para 2's are like crack cocaine to us Spydie junkies! In fact, the more I look at yours, especially with that black blade, the more I'm liking those blue scales!

That is one sweet looking Para 2! Use it in good health, my friend!

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