Any news  or wishes on the 2011 iknife collector knife?

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Good question.  I vote for a drop point in a smooth appoloosa bone. 

Don said:
I vote for a autographed Randall hunter with stag handle.....
Whoa Don, your going to get in our pocket!!!!


Your pocket is deeper than mine :(.  But I agree that would be an awesome club knife

Better question is why dont we James to design us one?
that is the formula jan..
Something simple James with IKC on the blade
Ya just cant beat a Randall with stag but Buck makes a limited edition "Gen 5" which I recently purchase from SmokyMountain Knifeworks. I think it's an exclusive & still available. 3" drop point with stag handle and turqu0ise inlay by the bolster. Mighty purty!
Sorry, I bought it from A. G. Russell Knives called Buck-Bel Air Gen-5 Skinner 3 1/4' 420 HC blade-Elk/webbed turq. scales -limited to 2010 production. $159.95 + 8.95  S&H. I think they might have a few left in case y'all are interested.(800-255-9034) Toll Free
strider lol ..nuff said

Something slippy! It all depends on who you want to reach with the forum knife. Do you want the majority of people to be able to afford one if they want it?


That means it'd have to stay under $150 ish.


Do you want something extremely exclusive that only the die-hards will be able to get or will be willing to spend the money on? Then you could come up with a strider type knife.


I don't know exactly what the 2010 ICK cost. (Whish I did...still bummed about missing out on that one.) but I bet it cost less than the price of a strider or a randall.


Maybe something more tactical could be in order this year than the last year I can understand the desire for that though. How about a special version of the A.G. Russell Button Lock folder?


Or something cool done by Queen?


Or maybe Böker + will be willing to work with this?


Options galore.


As for me I'd like something traditional styled....or I'd probably get that button lock folder I mentioned. but if it'd be over $150, it'd be getting too rich for my blood.


I agree on the price point and would prefer traditional myself.  We do have alot of active members that prefer the tactical products so we may want to consider doing a tacticle this year and then back to traditional next year.  That way we are reaching everyone at least every other year.  I know there are some TOPS that could be considered cross overs in the tacticle/traidtional  they would be in the fixed blade models.  Does Strider make a knife that could be considered a crossover?  Would we consider a fixed blade style?

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