The time has come to start the discussion on the 2014 iKC knife.  

I would again like to shoot for August/Sept delivery date.  Something to remember while we talk about this is that a short run of only 50 or so knives means we need to tie in with a maker that is already running a knife and tweak that one to make it our own.  The reason for this is most SFO's require a minimum order of 250 or more.  Also I would like to keep it less than $125.00 delivered to you.  I have some eyes checking out whats available at a factory or two but always love to hear your ideas.  Remember, this is YOUR knife 

Here is a pic of the official annual knives we have done so far

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Jan,  Looks good to me. I just put my order in. Thanks....     Warren - "Lone Wolf".

Wonderful knife!!  As usual you did a superb job Jan.  This will be my first CC knife.  I just ordered one, however now I am itching like crazy to get it.  Thanks Jan.

Jan, it looks really nice. Great job!

Paid for mine, wife said she is taking it out of my future allowances. It is worth it.

Will be my first Gunstock pattern.

Nice Jan! Please put me down for one, I'm so excited!

Link for others is here 


I had a time finding it :-)

Thanks Jan !

Well this will be a year of firsts!  420 instead of 440 because that is the steel Colonel Coon uses and using their tang I wanted to keep us as authentic as possible while still making it our own

Vintage Case knives used 420HC, back in their hey day. Buck knives now days also uses it.

Very sweet knife. I just ordered and paid for mine. Thanks Jan and all responsible for putting it together.

Mike West

I have never owned a Colonel Coon knife but I remembered I had a hat that I have worn quite a few years. I went to my ol"\' hat collection and dug it out. As you can tell it is well worn and has seen its share of sweat but it still comfortable. I took a pic to share. I think it goes well with the new iKC knife!!!!

Great hat Bob!

well Jan it looks great and thanks for the effort you put into this as you do every year! I'm in!  Many thanks as well to Kevin Pipes and to Ken Daniels who also have been so helpful to us!

and mark me PAID!

Terrific knife, Jan!   Count me in.

Order placed. great job, Jan.

Hey, Bob!

That hat looks like it's just about due for an oil change.

Just sayin'...

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