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I agree that they are beautiful and as you predict they will sell out fast.  "Overpriced" seems to be a matter of opinion on these.  I would not pay what will be asked of them nd many old timers will tell you a knife is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. 

These knives seem to go against the "norm" for a faction today's collectors.  I have seen so many flippers enter the knife arena.  Buy a knife, own it long enough to show it off and sell it to buy the next shiny sharp object.  Typically these knives fall into that category and yes they make a tidy profit.

I am very old school, I buy what I like and 98% of what goes into my collection stays there.  Buying into the GEC in the first 4 years gave me the opportunity to own some of those extremely low numbered runs and a good many 1 of 1's.  Even some proto's of knives that never went into production. I own zero of the Northwoods.  They are worth a good bit to me because of what they add to the story of my collection, just not sure another collector would not see my value as "overpriced"

Kenneth W. Hill said:

New knives released this week and will be going out next week.

New knives finished and are being shipped out soon.

The Grosh & Maher SFO #29 knives are finished and For Sale right onw !    

I ordered a #29 bloodwood and it is on the way too me.  The snakewood and bloodwood knives are both selling out fast in this #29 stockyard whittler run. 

One half of the #29 Snakewood Stockyard Whittlers pre-orders was canceled.  GEC made the #29 Bloodwood knives to fill in the void.  I bet that I was the first one to put in a pre-order on the web.  I was canceled out on Aug.22th.  I ended up with a #29 Sienna jigged bone and a #29 Bloodwood.  I custom ordered a fixed blade knife with snakewood scales. When GEC fails to deliver , go custom. 

The GEC#92  Eureka Jacks are here !

Looks like the camel bone is smooth autumn gold bone. I heard people calling it rotten banana bone , but these scale are a different color. 

Does this look like antique calico bone ? Good thing these knives were preorder unseen.  There must be another color step to these knives.  #92 Eureka jack  

I am not sure Kenneth that either one matches it name

OD green Micarta #92 


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